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Join forces with a brand endorsed by sports legends like Floyd Mayweather, Ronaldinho, and Alexander Rakic. As the principal sponsor of the Fnatic CS2 team, our partnerships are designed to build trust and elevate the reputation of Betify.

Professionalism: While reputation is essential, the product must match it. We strive to create the best possible product for our customers, bringing unparalleled value to our affiliates and partners.

Promotion Tools: We provide all the necessary tools for successful promotions, including banners, landing pages, promo codes, postbacks, and more.

Partnership Types​

Regular Deals

Explore the diverse range of partnerships with Betify, from Revenue Sharing (RS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), to Hybrid deals. Each tailored to meet distinct financial objectives in the iGaming industry. Collaborate with Betify for a professionally rewarding experience.

Streamer Deals

We offer flexible terms including wagering amount, raw amount, or fixed fees, customized to fit the unique needs of each partner. Engage with Betify for a collaborative partnership tailored to your streaming ambitions.

Exposure Deals and Sponsoring

By featuring our brand across various platforms, you enhance your audience engagement while we extend our reach. Our sponsorship opportunities foster shared growth in the dynamic landscape of iGaming. Display Betify, and join us in redefining the boundaries of online gaming.

Why Choose Betify?

Fast and guaranteed payouts

Payments are processed before the 10th of the month

Dedicated Account Manager

Less than 48hrs
response time

True Partnership

More than an Online relationship,
we like to build friendships

Payment Methods

Wire transfer,
Crypto Credit

360-Degree Offer

Over 7,000 games and a top sportsbook ensure the best offers

Advanced CRM Management

Automated scenarios inform players of their benefits on demand

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Retention Program

Advanced gamification system to keep your players engaged, with double weekly cashbacks, cash-convertible points rewards, and trophy achievements. Crafted with years of industry experience, Betify offers a captivating user experience, unbeatable sportsbook offers, and cutting-edge features.

Our platform features in-house gamification practices to keep players engaged and maximize LTV. Enjoy the Wheel of Chance, daily missions, a loyalty point system, flexible VIP management, tournaments, and more.

Players receive Bytes in various situation that are convertible into cash, freespins, or exclusive branded items.
Players can earn Trophies by achieving missions and gets rewarded in Bytes.
More than 4 weekly tournaments on specific segments. We can organize tailored tournaments accessible only with an affiliate link
Distributed on Wednesday and Sundays, the Cashback is claimable in players account. All the players are informed by email.
The more the player wagers, the more he climbs the VIP ladder. Each VIP level is rewarded with Bytes and a higher cashback level. The players keeps his status Lifetime.
Players can spend their Bytes into Cash, Freespins or exclusive items.

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Retention Program

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